The mission of the annual Legacy Gala celebration and the Gala Foundation is simple, yet powerful:

To celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of African and African Caribbean professionals and their related organisations that have contributed to the progress of their communities in the UK. To ensure their legacy is established and sustained and that their work continues and excels.

Leading influencers of African and African Caribbean heritage from across the professional sectors, came together to create an event to celebrate their visibility and often undervalued and unrecognized contribution towards making a difference for individuals, organisations and communities in the UK. The need for an organised, strategic and collaborative Black Professional Sector is compelling. We are absolutely clear that this annual Legacy celebration will play a key role not only for the benefit of individuals, but for society as a whole.

Legacy Gala Flyer

We are part of an emerging generation of professionals and entrepreneurs who are striving for increased economic and political progression within a wider Black and Minority Ethnic community that already possesses immense spending power and untapped political influence. We want to celebrate our successes and build meaningful relationships with those who wish to see our continued progression, and work with us to address the needs and challenges facing our communities. Never has the need been as pronounced as it is now, for professionals of African and African Caribbean heritage to strategically partner, network and deliver effective outcomes, to ensure a better political, social and economic standing in this country for themselves and those who will inherit what we have left.

The annual Gala provides a rallying and clarion call for this to happen and will provide a catalyst for the future work taking place, involving some of the new partnerships formed on the Gala night and future Legacy related events. Funds raised from our annual Legacy Gala evening will be invested in the critically important community building, leadership development and violence reduction work being driven by Blaksox, the Society of Black Lawyers, OBV and others, all of whom are increasingly partnering with smaller community based services up and down the country.

Saturday 15th December


Piccadilly, Mayfair, London W1J 7BX

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